16 December: Odin

Odin is, deep down, a trickster. That's probably why he keeps Loki around.
Odin is, deep down, a trickster. That’s probably why he keeps Loki around.

Name: Odin, The Allfather. Woden, Wotan and similar variations. Also, more than 200 other names. Seriously, take a look at this list of his many different names!

Tagline: The ruler of Asgard, he sits in his tower in Valhalla, his keep, from whence he watches the world and lays plans for defeating the Giants of Jotunheim.

Claim to fame: Though he’s not quite as famous as some of his subordinate gods, like Thor, Loki and Freya, Odin is the chief of all the Norse gods. He is also one of the creators of mankind, and a powerful god of magic and wisdom. Continue reading 16 December: Odin

9 December: Arjuna

Arjuna shooting from his chariot with Krishna at the reins, and Hanuman as a banner.

Name: Arjuna

Tagline: A son of the god, Indra, Arjuna is a real hero in all senses of the word. Unfortunately, he and his brothers get into a deadly struggle with their cousins.

Claim to fame: Arjuna is a major character in the great Indian epic, the Mahabarata – in particular, he is the main character of the Baghavad Gita. Continue reading 9 December: Arjuna

[FTAWTTT]1 December – The Monkey King

The Monkey King brandishing his great metal staff, Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod.

Name: Sun Wukong – the Monkey King

Tagline: Magic monkey is spawned from an egg, achieves immortality, conquers heaven but is tricked by Buddha, who forces him to go with a pilgrim to India. Continue reading [FTAWTTT]1 December – The Monkey King